The value of the authentic Italian character shapes MVK+ITALIA kitchens.
Kitchens able to be elegant but also contemporary; kitchens that combine beauty, charm and technology, creating a unique style that transcends time and trends.
The attention to detail, the stylistic choices and the selection of high quality raw materials, create a not-selfish style, that reveals the ebanist experience, handed down for generations, widespread on MVK+ITALIA kitchens.
MVK+ITALIA Italian timeless kitchens.


MVK+ITALIA restores proper importance to the aura of the kitchen with maximum value technological, functional and design solutions. The kitchen, the nerve centre of the house, takes on its proper value with custom-made furniture that optimizes space, exploiting the distinctiveness of your home to enhance it and render it unique.


MAXIMUM VALUE IN THE KITCHEN means “Giving maximum value in the kitchen” in terms of experience, attention to detail and service, offering excellence difficult to match on the market.

The culture of italian making.

The MVK+ITALIA brand offers warm and engaging sensations becoming the bearer of the charm of Italian making.


The MVK+ITALIA projects are made by a family that for three generations handed and reinterprets an ebanist culture that comes from far away, offering high reliability. The stylistic choices, the attention to detail, the selected raw materials are the essence of the brand and ensure the purely Italian manufacturing way with its recognizability and value over time.

The kitchens are not all the same, each is distinguished from the other due to customized eminently. Each project has a soul and MVK+ITALIA work to release it. The essence of MVK+ITALIA’s contemporary taste for high design, fine materials and technology.
When this soul becomes tangible, when each project find the right solution between the infinite possible functional and aesthetic variations of our models, in those moments, we can express our idea of kitchen.

The timeless beauty.

MVK+ITALIA offers a style of authentic Italian character inspired by values and styles, that history and Italian culture have formed over time.
This allows MVK+ITALIA brand to make kitchens of contemporary aesthetics and technically advanced content, but, at the same time, fashion-free and immune to temporary styles.
MVK+ITALIA kitchens are timeless.

It is MVK+ITALIA’s ambition of to offer its customers the best in terms of technology, functionality and design through kitchens fitting every need.
What for many is considered unusual, exceptional, for MVK+ITALIA is the norm. The perfect basic models can be customised in limitless variations depending on the personality of our client, rendering every kitchen a unique cuisine.

FSC® standards certification.

MVK+ITALIA adheres to the FSC® standards.
The Forest Stewardship Council is an international organization, autonomous and independent, based in Germany, whose mission is to identify in a transparent and authoritative way the forests managed in a sustainable way, socially, environmentally and economically. The certification, represented by the FSC® brand, is released to plantation and forest owners whose aim is to share and respect its vision, and who use and produce material which has been approved by the aforementioned organism.
Thanks to this important acknowledgement, MVK+ITALIA is authorized to transform and sell FSC® certified materials, being also bound to guarantee the safe and sustainable provenance of every wooden component used to build its kitchen.